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For the lady whose husband makes Associate in Nursing “extra stop” when work each evening.

For the lady UN agency is mourning the loss of a gestation no one knew concerning.

For the lady UN agency leads from the front despite the fact that she’s lost within.

For the lady UN agency was dismissed for her fourth late as a result of she’s been awake for a straight week with a sick kid.

For the one mum UN agency does not acumen the utilities can stay this month.

For the lady UN agency has passed through a pair of IVF’s and tried for 5 years while not success however still shows up to each baby shower for her friends.

For the lady UN agency still hasn’t forgiven herself for the abortion she had twenty years agone.

For the lady UN agency contains a line of deciding eyes at her and her youngsters as she counts out coins and puts one thing back at the grocery store.

For the lady that opens the door to the news of her husband being killed overseas 3 weeks before he was to come back home.

For the lady that lives with anxiety as a result of no one understands what she might probably be stressed concerning.

For the lady that offers to her family all day- everyday and simply.needs.a.break.

For the lady that smiles at strangers all day in public- however weeps wordlessly nightly.

For the lady UN agency has wished to finish it nearly found strength to hold on.

For the lady that detected the rumor concerning herself nowadays.

For the lady sleeping next to a alien nightly.

For the lady whose genetic science can ne’er enable her to appear just like the ones in magazines.

For the lady that endures one broken relationship when another as a result of there was no father around to show her what love seems like.

For the lady raising a fatherless girl and praying that history does not repeat itself.

For the lady UN agency loves with all her heart who’s needing to be dear.

For every single lady that cries within the shower therefore no one else will see. as a result of if you are not strong-nobody is.

Just because the water washes your tears doesn’t suggest you do not cry. simply because you cry doesn’t mean you’re not robust enough to handle it.

I am you. I see you. i’m with you, I cry with you. I love you.



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