What Is Mind perceptions

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What Is Mind perceptions:  If you are wasting your time on Netflix or playing video games the whole day and thinking about
negative shit, and take yourself for granted.

Let’s Understand More About What Is Mind perceptions.



you wanted to come out of that situation but you are not So that you should follow some instructions and this will help you to love your self, your confidence and teach you the small steps which help you to reach your destination and you will not waste your precious time anymore.

when you were a child then you learn all the things which your parents taught you, this process is followed generation by generation. And this is the time when we are not going to follow those rules and regulations.

We have to leave those conservative mind criteria to live life successfully
and joyfully.

our mind is divided into 3 levels Conscious mind, Subconscious mind, and unconscious mind, We use our conscious mind to understand and reply to things, on the other hand, we use our subconscious mind for emotions.

In childhood, our subconscious mind is fully developed but the
conscious mind is in the developing period.

Let's Understand More About What Is Mind perceptions.

And this is the reason behind we learn those things quickly in our childhood whether it is wrong or right. For instance, in a family, a father usually states a line that “earning money is very hard” and the subconscious mind record this the statement, for life long.

Let’s Understand More About What Is Mind perceptions.

Therefore is necessary to use positive words all around.
We all humans are got very tensed. Just because of thinking about the future of the past. We should learn something from kids and animals.

They are happy because they don’t think about
the future or past, they just live the moment, they are believing in live life in the present. 

Like a dog who not seen disaster since for one day them whenever he gonna see him, he will love him show joy and happiness to him, Or a baby plays, smiles, and does naughty things and make other smiles.

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In short, we need to understand that we should live the moment of life every moment is special you just need to see properly all you need you already have it but you need to understand and need to see that Be thankful what you.

Let’s Understand More About What Is Mind perceptions.

Have and forgive people it will make your life so easy
and simple When you are a kid you just happy in your own whether you are rich, poor, ugly, smart and you do what you want to do, you don’t think that what others will think but by the time you grow up
you think a lot of things to do anything regard you.

For example, if have curly hair but people comment this is not suits on you them you male your
hair straighten.

But you need to understand you don’t need people recognition.
Accept you are Love the way you are Starts love yourself first Believe in yourself Do things which makes you feel happy to Do many times Be Confident Set your mind that you are special. 

No one can do the things the way you do Never feel low Your Brain is your servant

. Your brain will give you what you think, so this is the trick If you really really ambitious for something or for a drama then accept the situation or pretend the situation that your dream becomes true to pretend this until you grab it.

And work for it, grab opportunities, remain among
the positive people who help you to reach your dream. the most important thing believe that
you already have it and behave as you got it. Give and let give
Giving things and happiness is the most strong and beautiful emotions.

if you are a number then you will get something more and great full.in returns. if you are willing to be ago we then
you can:
● Join an NPO (Non-profit Organization) and donate money and many things help there.
● Do your thing to needy.
● Try to give tip.
● Never reply back with bad manners to anyone.
● Smile, and appreciate others.
● Give with happiness, and don’t expect.
● Forgive and fester.
● Be thankful.
All such things shows that you are a good manner person and have good in Sanskar.
Therefor live happiness spread happiness.