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Top 10 reasons why it rock to be an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur motivation

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Here are 10 inspirational and motivational reasons for being  an entrepreneur.

Reasons to be an entrepreneur Motivation

Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker once said “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Well, in our society, we have two kinds of people, one who is an entrepreneur and the other who works for an entrepreneur. Clearly, many are attracted to the one who can run the day, that is the business class people, but are too scared or under- confident to be one. Here, I will give you top 10 reasons why it rock to be an entrepreneur.


Job, that most of us do, is quite robotic. It doesn’t have much challenge with minimal mental and personal growth. On the other hand, a passion that can drive you to look within you, to help you know your potential, to be able to rediscover yourself is to build your empire as per you, your wishes and positive challenges. An entrepreneurship can give you that passion and when you make something of your own, you tend to do every action willingly towards making it a big success instead working for fixed hours someone else’s success for a small amount.



Well. Here is another important aspect that most of the job people complain about, that is, it is quite difficult to balance both personal and professional world simultaneously. Don’t we all want freedom to manage time as we want, don’t we sometimes desire to be in that family gathering which we has to miss because of the boss’s instructions to be at work, don’t we? Well. Of course, we all love our family and work.  “Being a busy mom of two, I have the flexibility to schedule clients around my children’s sports, school schedules and doctor appointments.” says Stacy Haynes, CEO and counseling psychologist, Little Hands Family Services. So, it clearly concludes that being an entrepreneur, one can schedule and manage their time and space according to oneself. One can have full freedom of choice.


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It might sound weird when the caption said entrepreneurs can own their destiny. On the contrary, we all believe we have certain destiny written by god, I am not denying the fact. But, don’t you think, it would be cruel to criticize your destiny if we don’t even give it a try. Yes, we have to be courageous and brave enough to give it a chance, maybe it might come up with more than you have thought of.




This excites many people, travelling but have we done enough work to travel for work? A big NO for people who are into jobs. This is another added advantage of being an entrepreneur that it can take you to different places with regards to meetings, field visits and other work activities. Once your work is finished at a certain place, you can hang out, enjoy the place, click picture and so on whereas in job, you have a restricted time and few circumstances to genuinely enjoy any place you visited for work, chances for which are anyways very less.



So, what motivates you to go to work on Mondays? A driving force for money we get at the 1st of every month or the fear of failing in professional life in such a way that nobody would ever love and respect you. Well, entrepreneurs don’t drag themselves to work on Mondays. Instead, they start their work with a cup of tea in their bed. They are filled with self discipline because they want to make their business grow to zenith. They are always motivated to make things happen and because the company is their creation. They work for themselves so they want to make it as hard as possible.



In India, we have different cultures, in every 10 km distance. In every office, there is a work culture, ambiance, belief that an employee has to fit in. Sometimes, it is difficult and annoying too, simply because you belong to a completely different culture. Being a business class gives you an opportunity to create a culture of your work environment that suits you the best, you do not have to adjust. You have the freedom and power to design your rules that need to be implemented.



Politics means activities that aim at improving one’s status or increasing power within an organization by following any methodology. It is the filthiest thing to drag an innocent person into politics. However, entrepreneurship eradicates the office politics. They get what they work for. They are responsible for their failure or success. They don’t get into any stupid politics because they are the CEOs of their company and there is certainly no higher position. Whatever work they do, it is for the benefit of all in an organization.


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It is the proudest moment to be able to introduce themselves as CEO of a company. It takes a lot of struggle to reach at a position of the maker of a company but trust me, it is worth it. “Baadam khane se akal nahi aati, Dhakke khane se aati hai” (Eating Almonds dosen’t gives you wisdom, struggle does!), says Abhinav Prateek, who is an engineering drop out to CEO of A person who was criticized by everybody to leave his studies is now a big name. So, entrepreneurship can give us some exceptional proud moment, which as human we love to have.


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A 9-5 job sometimes gives us money at the stake of our health. What is the use of earning an amount when we can’t even take care of our health? We earn to be happy, to keep our family happy. If one is not happy from within, one cannot keep their beloved ones happy. So, it is important to take care of your body as that is only place where you have to live in till your last breathe. If one has his/her own business, it gives them a benefit of setting their priorities. One can join gym, yoga and suchlike to maintain the health.  This is one of the most important aspect of why it rock to be an entrepreneur.



Some people have the tendency to do good to the society like social service for children, old age people, homeless people and suchlike. In a job, there are quite a handful of people who knows us but when we set up our own business, we have a good social network which could be of great help if we want to do something else other then work or if we want a platform to give opinions or do some great which we always wanted to do. Entrepreneurs are public figure and they can use their platform to influence other people to do good deeds or something like that.