Start with WHY

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Starting from the why means go-ahead with a strong purpose. If you are running a company
then you should remember why you start this company? Why you took command as a leader?
What was your purpose? All of these questions are important. All the successful people who are
running successful companies because of their strong, WHY?

Steve jobs

If we talk about the Apple company then we get a better idea about the, why?
Apple is a leading computer brand but after that, it also produces mobile phones and gadgets.
In 1984 Apple company stable and from that day till now it’s prooving his purpose and that is
shown in the advertisement. Apple company has a strong reason and it’s working with the string
reason and that is the reason behind the success of the Apple company.

iTunes changed the music industry. In early 2000
People burn CDs to listen to music. Piracy becomes a huge problem for the recording
companies. Then Stev jobs create an alternative of that and solve the problem of the recording
companies. And I pad save the music industry from loss.

And Did you know? In reality, the MP3 player is not made by Apple company and this creative
technology, MP3 create by Singapore Limited. But still, all credit goes to Apple company
because Singapore Limited releases that product by the name of 5GB MP3 player. But Apple
company launched that product in a very different way than”1000 songs in your pocket,” the
company tells the buyer, why should but this? For what should but this?

And also Apple launches phones and other gadgets and then other companies like Nokia,
Ericson and Motorola launch the touch screen mobiles. And at last, Apple became the largest gadget

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a great leader because he has a strong purpose and he believes himself and he is
an identity. And a great leader walks with a great vision he gives priority to his vision. Great
leaders have a plan which makes them different from the world.
Bill Gates says that if we remove hurdles from the problems then we can work more potentially
to get the success.

Bill Gates create PowerPoint, word and even so that people can do their work more effectively
and efficiently. He wants to improve the technology, after leaving Microsoft he and his wife
made a foundation “Bill and Melinda Gates “. He wants to go an opportunity to the needy
people. He gives the empower to the people.

So in the above example, we learn that if we will g to do something then we should have a
strong purpose and work on it, don’t manipulate people. Inspire them, A great leader always
inspire their team and make a loyalty bond with them as (Apple company made a bond with
customers. This way made by their leader).

A great leader has many followers and their follower can do anything for him. Because a good
leader always think positive for their followers and make a loyalty bond with them, support them
and also respect their deal and ideas take care of their followers .