Mental Health Scenario in India

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Mental health Awareness bringing down the wall stigma by sharing our experiences, stories and truth. It means educating others on what mental illness really is and helping those with illness know they are not alone.


Mental Health is a major concern worldwide and India is not far behind in sharing this. If we evaluate development in the field of mental health the pace appears to be slow. In 1954, the first Director-General of the WHO(world health organizations)  had presciently declared that “Without mental health, there can be no true physical health.”


Indian Scenario


The WHO has defined sustainable development Goals and elaborated the impact of mental illness, and suicide of them.The suicide rate in India in 2015 at 15.7/100000. Is higher than the regional average of 12.9 and the Global average 106. Suicide is the leading cause of death among those aged 15-29 in India. There remains a massive unaddressed need within the population. And the Indian government also focusing on this site around 609,657 crores rupees per year, However, the conservative estimated total cost Government is 94,073 crore rupees to investment in the implementation of MHCA 2017.

The total loss incurred to come to be around 6.5 times higher than investment the government make to provide comprehensive Mental Health Care.


Educational system


Most of the chronic and debilitating mental illness, have their onset before 24 years of age when most are a part of the educational system from including mental health narrative in curricula, towards destigmatization removing discrimination and early detection to empowering stakeholders to early detection and simple intervention. Removing the criteria of castes, status and discrimination of the educational system yield myrical opportunities for enhancing mental health.

Internet, Social Media and mobile phones


Hand-Held devices and social media can truly be the game-changer in the propagation of effective mental health intervention through focused amplification and not just in increasing information with greater utilisation of subtle and distributed patterns over large volume shall inform decision making.


Ways of improving mental health awareness 


  1. Host a mental health screening events.


  1. Talk more about mental health awareness.


  1. Sharing personal experiences and stories.


  1. Encourage nonjudgmental tool to speaks.

In the end, of the person is fit by his mental health than he is a healthy person because we convert in that personality what we think about so that we should always think positive think healthy .Give a healthy diet to mind means read positive stuff, remain among positive people ignore negative environment always being a part of positive energy.