How to Sleep Better

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How to Sleep Better:  Hello Guy’s Welcome back to another article, In this article, You will Learn About The  How to Sleep Better. Do You Know How Much quality of sleep you should Take in 24 Hours? Are You getting a Better sleeping On a Day? If No, Then This Article for you.

Moving further I have a request to all of You that, Read the whole article Because you will achieve all your milestones in your life that you have not achieved till now.

Without any further delay, Let’s Understand How to Sleep Better.

How to sleep well

Are you facing a problem sleeping? Are you not able to sleep properly? Do you ask again and
again, while sleeping? ..If yes, then you should know about these facts. Before know about all
such things we should get to know the value of sleep.

How to Sleep Better

Know the value of sleep

Nowadays people are sleeping less, they are just thinking it is just a job and taking it very lightly,
But you need to understand that sleeping is very important as you take breathe and taking food.
Sleeping is a very important part of our life.sleeping is the natural process and we all need to
follow it to keep our self healthy.

When we are sleeping there are two types of procedures happening in our body first, Anabolic
which increases the organs and tissues and also builds the new cell in our body.

And the second process is catabolic, it breaks the molecules which release the energy, therefore
sleeping is the anabolic process that tries to repair our body while sleeping and catabolic is
the situation, here we are using our energy, not sleeping. And sleeping makes our mind and
body fresh.

A good and full sleeping makes our immune system strong and healthy and also makes
metabolism healthy.

According to the research if you are working without sleeping for one day then I thus case your
brain gain 6℅ less glucose and you will not able to work properly Because the mind does not
get that proper food which is rest and sleeping.

And this is the reason behind when you are feeling sleepy you want to eat sweets, chocolate

And when you are not sleeping properly you mind losing the control of thinking and
understanding. Also according to the survey people who sleep well can work effectively and
efficiently instead of who doesn’t sleep. 

people who sleep well do their work 14℅ faster. If you sleep well then your mind works faster. Give importance to sleeping it will boost yourself.

A healthy sleeping makes your day great.

Get Sunlight

Circadian Timing System in an easy way, it is a natural clock of our body, it continuously works
in our body. If your body gets proper sunlight then you can sleep easily. The CTS( Circadian
Timing System) presents in the brain hypothalamus gland.

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It is a group of nerves that recognize the sunlight and give a message to the mid when is the
right time of sleeping.

But not getting proper sunlight the brain got confused and the result is you
are facing the problem in sleeping

Add proper sunlight, in your diet, But if you are a job seeker then you would not able to take
proper sunlight within the office So that you should wake up early and take morning sunlight 6 to
8 Am and then you should take your lunch in the sunlight.

Now, how can sleep well and take proper sleep

● If you are habitual of caffeine drinks than mostly avoid taking if or take 6 or 8 hours
before to the bed.
● Take a normal hot water shower before the bed, because when you are sleeping your
body temperature turns down and taking a warm water bath to reduce body temperature
and also make you feel fresh.
● Avoid the use of gadgets before sleeping or give a gap of 90 minutes to sleeping or
using gadgets.
● Put off the lights before sleeping.
● Do exercise early in the morning.
● Take proper fruits that contain magnesium.
● Try to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 5 Am

Finally, Guy’s You have Understood that the better sleeping is very important for us, in order of succession in our life.

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Thank you so much, for reading the Article.



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