How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus

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How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus: As we all know that we are suffering from a very difficult time due to Coronavirus spreads, we
are hearing about how to reduce exposure and take care of ourselves if we get sick. There are
some important tips to protect ourselves from Covid-19.
We are not hearing much about how can we boost our immunity system so that if we do get
exposed to the virus our body can efficiently fight back against Coronavirus.
our immune system is designed to fight off disease and viruses. But unfortunately the immune
the system can get worn down by the modern lifestyle like eating unhealthy food, no exercise,
stress and many more things which makes the immune system weak.
We can charge our immune system from the following steps.

Let’s Understand the How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus.


1.Reduce stress:

How to Increase Immunity

stress is a weapon to makes your immune system worst. To make your
immune system strong you need to reduce stress first. For this, you can choose vacation with
friends and family, yoga, meditation, etc. This can help to reduce stress.

Let’s Moving Towards the Another Point Of How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus.

2.Consume immunity :

How to Increase Immunity

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body if you want to keep your body
healthy and charge immunity so you need to take nutrients according to a healthy body for
fighting from corona you need to add more and right supplements in a diet. To boost up
immunity a healthy diet includes Vitamins c, vitamin B, vitamin D, zink, minerals, carbs,
and for gaining all these you should eat green vegetables, citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli,
spinach, red ball pepper, Black pepper, chickpea, soya chunks, strawberries,
mushrooms, yogurt, sunflower seeds, etc. By these things talking in a balance you can make
your immunity system stonger.

Let’s Moving Towards the Another Point Of How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus.

3. Sleep whenever you’re feeling tired:

How to Increase Immunity

For maintaining an immune system strong it is
necessary that your body should feel relaxed, for this you should take proper sleep and less
stress as well, whenever your body feels tired or stress have rest time for you it makes the body
And also a good impact on the immune system because when you sleep your body rebuilds the body
muscles and tissues. Which makes the body strong.

Let’s Moving Towards the Another Point Of How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus.

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4.Reduce Inflammation:

How to Increase Immunity

sugar, sweets, extra sweet products, processed meat, vegetables
oils, , alcohol and caffeinated drinks( tea and coffee) tend to be inflammatory foods, so they bury
the immune system leaving other problems in your body which damages the immune system.
That’s why you should remove this from your diet.

This will be Last But Not The Least of How to Increase Immunity against Coronavirus.

5.Exercise but not too much:

How to Increase Immunity

It’s important to do exercise to keep your body healthy but do
exercise according to your body stamina. But if exercise makes your body healthy than too much

exercise can damage your body as well so that if you feel exhausted during exercise than take
rest don’t do too much exercise.

6. Stay away from toxins:

Toxins can be devastating for the immune system for instance
Mycotoxins from mold are notorious for destroying immunity.

  Many toxins harm the immune system. 

So try to use less exposure to chlorinated drinking water, pesticides, and heavy metals, etc.

Liver detoxification is essential to reduce the toxin burden on your body.

There are some points that discussed but Coronavirus is very Harmful and we are facing a very serious situation due to this virus.

We should take responsibility individually to protect ourselves
and our family.

We should follow the instructions and guidelines given by our country to us 

mainly we should follow :

*Social distancing
*Wash your hands after every 30 minutes
*Avoid touching your face
*Wear a mask
*Put a handkerchief on the mouth while sneeze or cough
* stay home
* Do Namaste Instead handshake
* If you feel unwell recommend your self to the doctor.
* Also install the Arogya setu app on your phone.
* we will win from Coronavirus.