Terrible Tale of Education System – A Single Sheet of Paper cannot Decide my Future

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This is for everyone who is giving their exams or whose exams are finished and also for the parents and teachers.
I just wanted to tell you all that among all the people who are giving their exams..

There is an artist sitting, who doesnt need to learn how to solve maths.

There is a future entrepreneur who’s English vocabulary doesn’t matter.

There is a sportsman who’s physical stamina is more important than his grades in Chemistry… 🔥

It’s really great if your child scores 95% marks,
but even if he doesn’t, don’t take away their self – confidence from them.🔥

Instead, tell them. it’s just an exam.
It’s just another chapter in the book called “life”, and this doesn’t decide their entire life. There are many bigger chapters coming in our way, which can be far better than this with millions of great opportunities.
So don’t give up if you don’t score well. We can get success even if we fail because success is something we get from trying and not giving up. Just like cricket, it is ok if you miss one ball,
it’s also ok if you miss another ball.
That’s what game of life is like. It will keep throwing opportunities in every next ball and the twist is, there is no wicket, there are no fielders which simply mean, no one can kick u out from this game called life until you yourself leave the ground.
You’ve got it now.
The next ball. You lost again. You are failing in the eyes of the world but you have to understand the game.
it is again a ball and you hit a six this time 🔥
You won. You have taken revenge on all 5 balls 5 opportunities you missed out in just one ball.🔥 Failure is not different from success but it’s a part of it. 🔥 We fail we fail again and then what? We fail again. but if we don’t give up, we win 🔥

So its totally fine if you didn’t score well and didn’t get a great college 🎓

Elon musk said, I didn’t go to Harvard but people who did work under me today.🔥

Failing in exams doesn’t mean you failed in life. 🔥 life is far beyond your imagination… 🔥

I failed in some subjects but my friend passed in all.. 🔥
today he is a great engineer in Microsoft…
and I’m the owner of Microsoft

-Bill Gates🔥

Every person is unique in his own way, but if you will judge a fish 🐠 by capacity of climbing 🧗‍♂ a tree
it will live it’s whole life thinking he is foolish. 🔥

Elbert Einstein

So you, hey you, who is reading this you are more stronger than you think… more intelligent than what’s there in your report card.. 🔥
Just believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams you will be successful… more than bringing 99% in your exams 😊



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