5 Domains of Emotional Intelligence

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5 Domains of Emotional Intelligence: Emotions are an important part of our life but being an emotional fool is not a good thing.  And controlling emotions is an art not everyone has this.

Sometimes intelligent people take poor decisions because of being emotional. People with high emotional intelligence levels excel socially are outgoing and cheerful are rarely fearful or worried and are sympathetic and carry their relationships.
The Maine 5 Domains of Emotional intelligence are maybe can help you to manage your
emotions in a good manner.

1.Knowing once emotions:

people who are accepting of their moods are clear about their
feelings, but also don’t try to change them. In addition, being aware of emotions plays a role in
making a decision such as trusting one gut feeling. Therefore people who are aware of their
emotions are able to have to move certain sense of how they really feel about the decision they
make throughout their lives.


2.Emotional Management:

Individuals who are able to manage their emotions can more easily
rebound from setback, disappointment, and frustrations, while those are the poor manager of them
feelings find always distress and anger. Anger is a powerful emotion that builds on itself. The way
in which people can manage their anger include a reflection on the situation distraction through a
long walk or exercise and relaxation with deep breaths or 1 to 10 counting.



3.Motivate yourself:

Managing one’s emotions in order to reach a good is essential for paying
attention, mastery, creativity, and self-motivation, A self-motivation may include pleasure from
performing the current task, the ability to stifle Impulsiveness & delay gratification is the building
block for achievement. A successful individual has described a situation in which they have
achieved a level of peak performance and have steady absorption at the moment. This state is
called “flow” Or “zone”.

4.Recognizing emotions in others-Empathy:

Empathy or the ability to perceive the
the subjective experience of another person develop from self-awareness if people are more
understand of their own emotions, they will move adeptly in understanding the feeling of others,
an individual who is empathetic is move attuned to the subtle social signal that indicates what
others need or want to make them professional in occupation sure as the caring professional.

5. Pay attention to your relationship:

While the exchange of emotions between people is often
subtle and virtually unnoticeable, these emotional signals are essential interpersonal infractions,
people who are poor at receiving these cues are prone to the problem in their relationship. Some
people who would do almost anything to gain approval their individual are able to please other
while staying true to themselves and without compromising their own beliefs or value. The ability
to initiate and maintain a relationship is due to large part to skill in manage emotion in other